Influenza Treatment Guidelines

How to Treat the Flu (Influenza) | Flu Treatment

If the flu is going around and develops symptoms, it’s best to see your doctor within a day or two. Since that is when medications for the flu are most effective.
Flu medications like Oseltamivir (Tami flu) are effective only against influenza viruses and can reduce the severity of symptoms shortens the time you’re sick by one or two days.

Anti-Influenza Medications
It should be given as soon as possible because of what I just mentioned. They’re most likely to provide benefits within the first 48 hours of the illness. But it doesn’t mean that after 48 hours, it’s 100% ineffective; it’s just that the sooner that’s given, the more effective it is.
With children, these coughing cold medicines are ineffective. They can have serious side effects. So check with your pediatrician.

Things you can do to help with cold and flu symptoms include –
– Getting rest
– Drinking fluids if you’re not too nauseated
– For a sore throat, you can gargle warm salt water or use throat sprays or lozenges
– Use petroleum jelly under the nose if it becomes raw for wiping it with tissues
– You can sit in a steam-filled room to temporarily decrease congestion
– You can use vaporizers and humidifiers

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